View from the basement:    Addendum 4
Punch in / punch out footswitch

12/00   :  With a lot of 4-trackers being bought used, especially on E-BAY, it's not unusual to hear from someone missing the manual and/or the footswitch. The manual I addressed in ADDENDUM 2 the best I could considering the weenies at Fostex still don't have an on-line manual site like Tascam. The footswitch is available through MUSICIANS FRIEND or anyplace else that carries multi-track accessories for around 30 bucks, or you can make your own using any momentary switch, phone plug and box ( see diagram #6a ). The 1/4" phone plug has both wires hooked to the 2 poles on the switch. It should be a momentary switch because you don't really turn the record on and off, rather it triggers the internal on-off circuit in the Fostex. A regular on-off switch works but you have to hit it twice making it impractical. I made mine using spare parts from dead stomp boxes, but if you bought the materials new it would still only be about 5 bucks. As far as I know, the circuitry is the same on all units of this type, not just Fostex.