Unlike any other sport or form of entertainment, wrestling in all forms has changed the lives of so many, and touched the hearts of its patrons. Whether it be Greco-Roman wrestling, amateur wrestling, shoot wrestling, or the highly criticized and proclaimed professional wrestling. Although shoot wrestling used to be the crown of sports, professional wrestling has become a unique part of American culture that will never be removed. For the people that loathe wrestling as “phony” or “fake”, I say but two things. Of course it isn’t real. It’s sports entertainment. Is acting real? No, but do we call that fake? Yes wrestling is scripted. Of course it is. If it wasn’t choreographed people would get killed. But it does take a level of talent, ability, and athleticism to do what they do. You should think of a wrestling match as an exhibition, not a competition. This argument though is pointless. The people that rave about the “fakeness” of wrestling are the same people that want to blame wrestling for a child’s violent behavior. They are the same people that want to say that pro wrestling is barbaric and should be banned from television. If pro wrestling is fake, then why should it be banned? If something is so horrifically phony, than how it be barbaric and violent? If I say one thing, it is this. The people who despise wrestling will always despise it. There is no logical argument and nothing anyone could ever say to change their minds. Then, there are the people who love and cherish wrestling. To those people, there is nothing anyone could ever say to them to make them change. They know wrestling for what it is; nothing more, nothing less. It is because of that love and that knowledge, that I write this. It is for the true, unchanging fans of professional wrestling. This is for you.

Sincerely, J.C. Weyand 1/13/02

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