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George Hackenschmidt 1901/11 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Wins world championship tournament; wins tournaments in Paris, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Elberfield, and Berlin in the same year; wins European Greco-Roman title from Tom Cannon on 1902/09/04 in Liverpool, ENGLAND; wins recognition as World champion on 1904/01/30 in London, ENGLAND, defeating Ahmed Madrali; defeats American champion Tom Jenkins on 1905/05/04 in New York, NY to become recognized champion in North America.

Frank Gotch 1908/04/03 Chicago, IL
Retires as champion in 1913.

Henry Ordemann 13 Omaha, NE
Said to defeat Jess Westegaard for the title (no verification has been found for this match).

Charlie Cutler 14/02
Cutler has been American Heavyweight champion in Illinois and is billed as World Heavyweight Champion after 14/02; said to defeat Ordemann in 14/07 in Minneapolis, MN for the title (no verification has been found for this match).

Joe Stecher 15/07/05 Omaha, NE
Defeats Cutler with Frank Gotch in attendance.

Earl Caddock 17/04/09 Omaha, NE

Joe Stecher [2] 20/01/30 New York, NY

Ed "Strangler" Lewis [2] 22/03/03 Wichita, KS

Wayne Munn 25/01/08 Kansas City, MO

Stanislaus Zbyszko [2] 25/04/15 Phidelphia, PA
Munn continues to be recognized as champion in Michigan and Illinois.

Joe Stecher [3] 25/05/30 St. Louis, MO

Ed "Strangler" Lewis [4] 31/04/14 Los Angeles, CA
loses American Wrestling Association World title by DQ to Henri Deglane on 31/05/04 in Montreal, QC, but is still recognized as champion in Illinois; also defeats the title claimant Wladek Zbyszko on 31/11/02 in Chicago, IL; wins New York State Athelitc Commission World title defeating Jack Sherry on 32/10/10.

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Danno O'Mahoney 35/06/27 Boston, MA
Defeats Jim Londos to win NYSAC and National Wrestling Association World titles; wins AWA World Title, defeating Ed Don George on 35/07/30 in Boston, MA to become the undisputed champion.

Dick Shikat 36/03/02 New York, NY
Boston AWA continues to recognize O'Mahoney as champion.

Ali Baba 36/04/25 Detroit, MI

Dave Levin 36/06/12 Newark, NJ
Wins by disqualification; Baba still recognized by NBA/NWA.

Dean Detton 36/09/28 Philadelphia, PA
Has also defeated Ed Stranler Lewis in a title tournament final earlier in the year in Philadelphia, PA.

Bronko Nagurski 37/06/16 Minneapolis, MN
Recognized by The Ring as the true world champion.

Jim Londos 38/11/18 Philadelphia, PA
Retires in 46.

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Lou Thesz
Unifies following titles to become the Undisputed World Heavyweight champion (except in Europe) : National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight title, defeating Bill Longson on 48/07/20 in Indianapolis, IN National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight title, awarded on 49/11/27 when champion Orville Brown is injured in an automobile accident on 49/11/01 before a unification match scheduled on 49/11/25 in St. Louis, MO Defends against A.W.A. (Boston) World Heavyweight champion Gorgeous George on 50/07/27 in Chicago, IL (A.W.A. title not on line) Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium version of the world title, defeating Baron Michele Leone on 52/05/21 in Los Angeles, CA. Leo Nomellini defeats Thesz by disqualification in San Francisco, CA on 55/03/22; NWA rules that the titles cannot change hands by DQ, which sets the precendence that titles cannot change hands by disqualification.

Whipper Billy Watson 56/03/15 Toronto, ON
Wins by count out.

Lou Thesz [2] 56/11/09 St. Louis, MO
Loses to Edouard Carpentier by disqualification on 57/06/14 in Chicago, IL when Thesz cannot continue due to a back injury; NWA rules the title cannot change hands by disqualification and gives the belt back to Thesz; Carpentier is recognized as World champion in Omaha and Boston and later by World Wrestling Association in Los Angeles to legitimate the lineages of their world titles; the World Heavyweight Title has not been unified since this day; Thesz defeats Carpentier in rematch by disqualification on 57/07/24 in Montreal, QC.

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