River City Billiards May 2002

Jamie was born in the back of his parent's pickup on a December day in 1960. His Dad had tried to get his Mom to the hospital but the roads were slick and after all he was their 9th child. Though he started life in Missouri, his first memories were of migrant camps in Texas, Florida and California. His real break occurred when he was 10 and working on a farm in New Mexico. He broke both arms when he fell from the second floor of a house they were filling with hay. (Yes, a house - that is a common practice when many small farms have been bought up by one farmer.) His family had to move on before he was able to travel and the local minister agreed to take him in until his family returned in the fall. He started school and quickly learned to read and write. By the following spring, everyone accepted that his parents weren't coming back for him. During Junior High School, he became a father. He was 15 and in the 8th grade so he was just a little too mature! By the time he had to leave school he had 3 boys by 3 mothers. He went to prison for violation of some vague and subjective "law" having something to do with "age of consent" before he could finish High School. Fortunately, while studying for his G.E.D., the Librarian noticed his hard work and gave him a Library job. The job involved computers, so he left prison with a diploma and computer skills. He recently divorced his wife he met through a "Prison Pen-Pals" service after their twin girls developed skin pigmentation problems early on. Jamie and all 5 kids now live happily in a double-wide left to him by his uncle. Today Jamie still plays the guitar he bought in prison for two cartons of Doral Lights. Aside from his computer skills and awesome guitar playing, Jamie has earned the respect of the community by using his natural ability to "smell" water thus helping his neighbors find that "perfect" spot for a well, and someday hopes to give even more back to society by teaching inmates how to find free porn on the internet. Best known for his work in such bands as "Ben Dover and the Jailbirds", Jamie took his tax-payer funded skills to their fruition as lead guitarist for Big Richard. His talent and insight remain a prime inspiration for the band even though he still insists that we all shower together.

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