Mike & Co. is back after a 2 year absence, and is again playing in the Quincy, IL area. Their extensive list covers everything from Elvis to The Beatles to AC/DC, with a sound ranging from ear candy to in-your-face. This flexibility and versatility allows for steady weekend work even in hard to book regions like the rural midwest. Smooth vocal structures and rock-solid rhythms give them a high polish feel without being too "lofty" or unapproachable which makes for great audience interaction and almost always a full dance floor by 2nd set. Truly a band for all occasions and always a good time for everyone.

Miller Lite Burger Blast
(from left to right)   :   Jake Williams , Jim Weyand, Randy Williams & Mike Williams

•   Mike Williams : Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar •   Cloe Williams (adopted) : Vocals and Percussion •   Jake Williams : Lead Guitar, Vocals •   Joey Williams : Guitar and Vocals •   Randy Williams : Drums, Vocals •   Jimmy Williams (adopted, twice removed) : Bass Guitar, Vocals

Also featured on occasion : Josie & the Pussycats

That's about the whole crew except for Tim Betts who helps us out when he can (thanks dude!)