Randy's true origin is unknown, yet several rumors persist. One states that he comes from the Northwest, born of a great clamshell. Another claims that he was the last of his kind to escape a dying planet. But the one most people believe says that he was originally brought forth by an ancient clan of Cave Bears and raised in a time when all beasts and men could change their form. Truly there was no difference between species other than their own perceptions which, occasionally, they decided to change. Randy experimented with many forms; buffalo, otter, wolf and even a wolverine! But of them his favorite was that of the great Black Bear. He spent many seasons with the beasts of the world, playing and telling stories. He got to know many other creatures, still known to people of the world today, like the coyote, raven and eskimo. Most of them were fun at parties but you would not want to invite them into your home! Eventually he began to work with others chronicling their lives on the walls of caves, the sides of rocks - anywhere an image could be made. As life in the wild became more complex, so did the drawings that told these stories. However, drawing and painting on cave walls in the form of a Bear is quite hard. Just you try and hold a paint slathered stick in a paw! So Randy decided to change, pretty much permanently, into the form of a human being. He liked human females better anyway. Though they can crush your heart they can't crush your skull with one swipe of their forearm! Today Randy remembers little of this life as a shape shifting creature and, despite all of it's challenges and troubles, is forging on ahead as a man, trying to live a good and happy life. He lives in Camp Point IL with his many colorful birds and lovely fiancée Sandy that he made human from a raccoon he once saved from a bear trap. He currently works as a free-lance salesman for LeakEnder 2000 (as seen on TV) while trying to draw and paint as much as he can, from what he loves most; our beautiful landscapes and wonderful wildlife. The paintings are on display at the Versailles IL Museum of Animal Art and can be seen Tuesday through Friday 9 to 5 for a modest admission price of $2.00. When he's not immersed in his art, Randy plays the drums to invoke primal subconscious memory fragments of his almost forgotten life among the animals.

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