Ric Flair 91/01/11 East Rutherford, NJ
Wins NWA World heavyweight title from Sting; recognized as the first WCW World Heavyweight champion; stripped on 91/07/01 when Flair fired by WCW.

Lex Luger 91/07/14 Baltimore, MD
Defeats Barry Windham.

Sting 92/02/29 Milwaukee, WI

Big Van Vader 92/07/12 Albany, GA

Ron Simmons 92/08/02 Baltimore, MD

Big Van Vader [2] 92/12/30 Baltimore, MD

Sting [2] 93/03/11 London, ENGLAND

Big Van Vader/Vader [3] 93/03/17 Dublin, IRELAND

Ric Flair [2] 93/12/27 Charlotte, NC
Title held-up after a match against Ricky Steamboat on 94/04/17 in Rosemont, IL ends as a double pin.

Ric Flair [3] 94/04/24 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Steamboat in rematch; unifies "WCW International" World title, defeating Sting on 94/06/23 in Charleston, SC.

Hulk Hogan 94/07/17 Orlando, FL

The Giant (Paul Wight) 95/10/29 Detroit, MI
Wins via DQ; Jimmy Hart, Hogan's manager, signed the contract so that the title change hands via DQ; stripped on 95/11/06 when WCW claims decision was dubious.

Randy Savage 95/11/26 Norfolk, VA
Wins a 60-man, 3-ring battle royal, eliminating One Man Gang; Hulk Hogan was not thrown over the top rope, but referee Randy Anderson, believing Hogan was in fact eliminated, awarded the match to Savage after Gang was eliminated.

Ric Flair [4] 95/12/27 Nashville, TN

Randy Savage [2] 96/01/22 Las Vegas, NV

Ric Flair [5] 96/02/11 St. Petersburg, FL

The Giant [2] 96/04/22 Albany, GA

Hulk Hogan [2] 96/08/10 Sturgis, SD

Lex Luger [2] 97/08/04 Auburn Hills, MI

Hulk Hogan [3] 97/08/09 Sturgis, SD

Sting [3] 97/12/28 Washington, DC
Declared vacant on 98/01/08 in Daytona Beach, FL by J.J. Dillon, the chairman of WCW Executive Committee, because of the controversial endings at the 97/12/28 card in Washington, DC and the 97/12/29 card in Baltimore, MD.

Sting [4] 98/02/22 San Francisco, CA
Defeats Hulk Hogan.

Randy Savage [3] 98/04/19 Denver, CO

Hulk Hogan [4] 98/04/20 Colorado Springs, CO

Bill Goldberg 98/07/06 Atlanta, GA

Kevin Nash 98/12/27 Washington, DC

Hulk Hogan [5] 99/01/04 Atlanta, GA

Ric Flair [6] 99/03/14 Louisville, KY

Diamond Dallas Page 99/04/11 Tacoma, WA
Defeats Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Sting in a Four Corners match in which whoever gets the pin from anybody wins the title.

Sting [5] 99/04/26 Fargo, ND

Diamond Dallas Page [2] 99/04/26 Fargo, ND
Defeats Sting, Kevin Nash, and Bill Goldberg in a Four Way match.

Kevin Nash [2] 99/05/09 St. Louis, MO

Randy Savage [4] 99/07/11 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Teams with Sid Vicious in a tag team match and pins Nash, who teams with Sting.

Hulk Hogan [6] 99/07/12 Jacksonville, FL

Sting [6] 99/09/12 Winston-Salem, NC
Declared vacant on 99/10/25 after Sting attacks WCW referee Charles Robinson in previous night.

Bret Hart 99/11/21 Toronto, ON
Defeats Chris Benoit in 32-man tournament final; vacates on 99/12/20 after title defense against Bill Goldberg on 99/12/19 in Washington, DC ends in a controversy.

Bret Hart [2] 99/12/20 Baltimore, MD
Defeats Bill Goldberg; stripped on 2000/01/16 due to injury.

Chris Benoit 00/01/16 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Sid Vicious; stripped on next day due to a controversial ending (Benoit cancels the show and vacates the title).

Sid Vicious 00/01/24 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Kevin Nash; stripped on 2000/01/25 by Nash, who is also WCW Commissioner.

Kevin Nash [3] 00/01/25 Las Vegas, NV
Nash awards himself the title after stripping it from Sid Vicious.

Sid Vicious [2] 00/01/25 Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Kevin Nash in a steel cage triangle match against Nash and Ron Harris; declared vacant by WCW executives Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo on 00/04/10 in Denver, CO.

Jeff Jarrett 00/04/16 Chicago, IL
Defeats Diamond Dallas Page.

Diamond Dallas Page [3] 00/04/24 Rochester, NY

David Arquette 00/04/25 Syracuse, NY
An actor; teams with Diamond Dallas Page in a tag team match and pins Eric Bischoff, who teams with Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett [2] 00/05/07 Kansas City, MO
Defeats Arquette and Diamond Dallas Page in a Triple Cage match.

Ric Flair [7] 00/05/15 Biloxi, MS
Stripped by Vince Russo on 00/05/22.

Jeff Jarrett [3] 00/05/22 Grand Rapids, MI
Defeats Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash [4] 00/05/23 Saginaw, MI
Defeats Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a triple threat match.

Ric Flair [8] 00/05/29 Salt Lake City, UT
Belt returned to Flair by Nash.

Jeff Jarrett [4] 00/05/29 Salt Lake City, UT
On 00/07/09 in Daytona Beach, FL, Jarrett intentionally lays down in the ring while Hulk Hogan covered him for the pin; matchmaker Vince Russo comes back out and explains to the crowd that he has been dealing with Hogan's politics all day and gives Hogan "his" WCW World title belt as the Hulk Hogan Memorial Belt because it doesn't mean squat anymore; Russo claims Jarrett is still the WCW Champion but with a new belt and will defend his title against Booker T, a man who has been "held back by Hogan for 14 years".

Booker T. 00/07/09 Daytona Beach, FL

Kevin Nash [5] 00/08/28 Las Cruces, NM

Booker T. [2] 00/09/17 Buffalo, NY

Vince Russo 00/09/25 Uniondale, NY
Manages to leave the cage during a steel cage match; vacates on 00/10/02.

Booker T. [3] 00/10/02 San Francisco, CA
Defeats Jeff Jarrett.

Scott Steiner 00/11/26 Milwaukee, WI

Booker T. [4] 01/03/26 Panama Beach, FL

Kurt Angle 01/07/24 Pitsburgh, PA

Booker T. [5] 01/07/30 Philadelphia, PA

The Rock 01/08/19 San Jose, CA

Chris Jericho 01/10/21 St. Louis, MO

The Rock [2] 01/11/05 Uniondale, NY
Only referred to as "World Title" after 01/11/19.

Chris Jericho [2] 01/12/09 San Diego, CA
Unified with WWF World Heavyweight Title on the same day when Jericho defeats Steve Austin.

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