World Wrestling Federation Championships

WWF World Heavyweight Title – the most important title in all of wrestling; the world championship; worn by greats as Buddy Rogers, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Rick Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold.

WWF Tag Team Titles – title belts worn by tag teams; from the Rockers to Demolition to the Hart Foundation, the tag team belts have been worn by greats.

WWF Intercontinental (IC) Title – the secondary belt of the WWF; used to “get over” wrestlers at mid card level to prep for main event status; lost a lot of its worth over the years but still the number two belt in wrestling; Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warrior, HHH, Steve Austin, and the Rock have all used this as a stepping stone to greatness.

WWF European Title – newer title; used to crown a lower card champion; the British Bulldog and Shawn Michaels have worn this belt.

WWF Hardcore Title - title made up for the simple fact of having a Hardcore title; became important and significant thanks to holders such as Mick Foley, Al Snow, Big Bossman, Hardcore Holly, and Rob Van Dam.

WWF Light heavyweight Title - a cruiserweight title proven worthless by the WWF's lacking cruiserweight division; worn by Taka Michinoku and Brian Lawler.

WWF Women's Title - a title bounced around by Fabulous Moolah, Rockin' Robin, Alundra Blaze, Sable, and even Chyna; worth is about as much as used toliet paper.

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