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 Guitarist/vocalist from Peoria, IL Dave Chastain Band  Former Redline front man from Hannibal, MO Wendall Durham  Quincy guitarist formerly with Carson Gay in Jimmy & the Tornados Jim Parks  Hannibal band featuring Ray Mabie, Jamie Fenton, Mike Gilbert, Marc Meyer, Danny Mabie Further Ado  Mid 70s band featuring John Williams Vocals, Greg Fisher Bass, Bronson Bybee Keyboards, Brad Schaffer Guitar, Butch Gale Drums OHM  Dan Stoner Vocals, Skeeter Whittaker Guitar, Jim Weyand Bass/Vocals, Randy Williams Drums Big Richard  Hannibal, MO featuring Mark Kempker, Sean McHargue, A.J. Allen, Ben Spurgeon NoWake  AKA Elizabeth Mannhardt Elizabeth Gray  Early incarnation of Salems Cradle, later Predawn Hour Porcelain  Project by Predawn Hour's Corey Wilkey CJ and the Big Brother Band  Surf-Rock band featuring Randy Wells, Jesse Sommers, Alex Sanders and Chris Franklin Invincible Speed Holes  Candy Gronewald Vocals, Ed Westenfeld Guitar/Vocals, Jim Weyand Bass/Vocals, Randy Williams Drums Contagious  Palmyra, MO band featuring Bryce Pope Vocals, Josh Timbrook Guitar/Vocals, Jeff Todd Guitars/Vocals, Travis Rice Bass/Vocals, Dennis Welty Drums/Vocals Jubal's Lantern  Pre-Dynamo Hum Jeff Stroot Stain  Scott Smith Vocals/Guitar, Jamie Fenton Guitar/Vocals, Jim Weyand Bass/Vocals, Randy Williams Drums 8:58  info pending Seven Deadly Sins  Alton, IL band featuring Donnie Sandidge, Paul Steinbrueck, JR Engle, Mike Raymer and Matt Raymer The Undecided  Dan Stoner & Ryan McKay Stoner/McKay  C.J. Leming Vocals, Zac Patton Guitar, Zach Stolberg Bass, Jerry Rosenkrans Guitar, Jared Flora Drums Dread Corsair  Dan Stoner Vocals, Sean Ketchem, Guitar, Jim Weyand Bass/Vocals, Randy Williams Drums Dogman  Darren Hays, Mark Bokish, Loren Tracy, Travis Siwek RedMedic  info pending Rogue  info pending The Void  Matt Kemp Guitar, Chuck Edwards Drums, Shag (Denver) Bass, Mike Penfold Vocals & Lawn Chair Konk  Quincy, IL Guitarist/Songwriter Matt Kemp  Quincy, IL Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Kathy Brink  Carson Gay Vocals/Guitar/Harp, Stan Jansen Drums, other info pending The Mahoney Brothers  Jeff Gire Vocals, Jason Knotts Guitar, Jon Walker Bass, Steve Cowser Drums Gimcrack  Danville, IL band featuring Kevin Sinclair & Troy Stone Fake Jan  Another Danville, IL band featuring Kevin Sinclair & Troy Stone Blind Reason  Quincy, IL Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Cheeks McGee  Corey Warning Vocals/Guitar, Tim Kayser Guitar, Jared Wuestenberg Bass, Mason Murray Drums Best of Winter  George Cate Vocals/Guitar, Kyle Mabie Bass, Danny Mabie Drums Predawn Hour  Quincy, IL Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter George Cate  Tim Moore Drums, Corey Warning Vocals, Matt Kennedy Guitar/Keys, Max Sauer Guitar, Jared Wuestenberg Bass The Graduate  Slink Rand Guitar, Carl Thomas Bass, Randy Williams Drums, Phil Lewis Vocals Slink Rand Group  info pending Blood White Rose  JC Weyand Vocals, Tim Betts Guitar/Harp, Jim Weyand Guitar/Vocals Copper Settles  Matt Kemp Guitar, Greg Myers Bass, drummer pending Busey's Helmet  All songs/instruments yours truly The Ursa Minor Project

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What a world we live in where you can't do something nice for people without worrying that you might offend someone. However, I suppose it's "politically correct" to make it known that some of the material here is featured WITHOUT PERMISSION. If you are one of the artists here and don't want your stuff played just email me at jim@minornotes.com and I will remove yours from the playlist. Your loss.

Being commercial-free, I use an odd variety of "snippets" as transitional segues between artist blocks. I use these too, WITHOUT PERMISSION.
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Thanks to the following for the many ways they have contributed to the local music scene:
randy williams, mike jake & joey williams, alan lawless, brent robinson, tony burgess, carl thomas, slink rand, jeff gire, kenny rock, troy barnett, brian mccleland, lee whittaker, jamie fenton, scott smith, paul buckman, steve cowser, ed westenfeld, mike harris, kevin sinclair, john walker, rollo, skeeter whittaker, jeff stroot, matt kemp, jim beir, sean ketchum, gary blomgren, mark kroner, mark mester, tim corrigan, bronson bybee, ryan mckay, carson gay, moses junk, stan jansen, mark alexander, keith franx, tim betts, the tieken family, jack abell, dan stoner, terry scott, jim jennings, john haubach, john williams, ted tappe, stan tappe, ray mabie, danny & kyle mabie, candy gronewald, ralph thompson, zane, arkie, george cate, steve & jon allen, dana joiner, mark prunty, karen bentele, tracey nell, mike gilbert, rod hibbard, ronny brown, jay briscoe, don rust, dennis hibbard, jeff vankanigan, pat cornwell, jory everson, wendall durham, ben bumbry, richard lask, bill demont, sonny settles, paul ericson, ron crooke, jack 'mad dog' manis, the hemphills, clint whitley, willie wade, bill uppinghouse, gary declue, shag, rodney hart, gus, phil cook, bill peter, corey haner, steve spears, chris mcclary and countless others whose names escape me at the moment...

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